Mosfet Driver Board

  • High speed operation of two power mosfets from TTL input on simple single sided PCB

  • Mosfets switch 2 purpose built coils located off-PCB

  • Connects to Programmable Oscillator board, all connections by 5mm wiring block connectors

Mosfet Driver Board
J Dickens
J Dickens
Project (Short name: mosfet)
Mosfet Driver Board
Project Status
Design work Complete
PCB Number
Version Date
24 Feb 2004
Circuit diagram

Circuit Diagram

The brief with this project was to produce cost effective electronics that could be assembled by a small, informal PCB manufacturing plant based in India, repaired easily, and producible with the minimum of setup.

This board could be made single sided by incorporating three jumpers. As it is somtimes difficult to communicate what jumpers are, as a part in a BOM, the jumpers were made 1 ohm resistors.

The mosfet driver used in this board is a fairly generic pinout part, and the mosfets themselves are not expensive or high performance parts, but they have been given good heatsinking - emphasis on easy parts purchasing, and easy production.

Reverse polarity "protection" of some sort was required, but we could not afford the losses of a series diode, and we needed to keep the price down. The compromise selected was to place a standard rectifier diode reverse biased across the supply, so if the supply is connected with reverse polarity hopefully most of the remaining circuitry is protected, although D1 itself is likely to sacrificially go short circuit doing this job.

Bill of materials

Parts list and notes

Mosfet Driver Board Bill Of Materials

PCB design

PCB size H WH x W

PCB overlay image

Gerber files

The PCB manufacturing files

Mosfet Driver Board Gerber files

Final board

Mosfet Driver Board Photo
Mosfet Driver Board photo b

Documentation package

Mosfet Driver Board Documentation (PDF)
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