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AirBorn Electronics Project Work

These projects date from the 1990's
Newer projects are here

ChngRF1: Link Authentication Unit

  • Link Authentication Unit - Challenge/response type
  • Can Authenticate over RF Link
  • Gold Plated contact DB25 connectors
  • Plugpack powered

485hub1: RS485 Active Hub (5 port)

  • 5 signal buffered party line data ports
  • Industrial grade pluggable wiring block connectors
  • Handles all NRZ protocols (Protocol independent)
  • Plugpack or 12v supply

485hub1: Technical documentation

ChngSMT1: DB25 to DB25 full duplex serial protocol converter, signal powered

  • Serial Protocol converter
  • Gold Plated DB25 connectors
  • Miniature, In-line
  • Normally placed between PC and Modem
  • RS232 signal powered
  • Custom programmed to clients protocol conversion requirements

AntSpik1: RS232 Anti-spike

  • Protects against spikes on RS232 COMs lines
  • Miniature, In-Line, DB25
  • 6ns, 6kv ESD SCR clamps
  • Protects pins 1-8,20,22
  • Fusible MetFilm resistors

RS232 surge protectors are available commercially from most computer retailers. However, these rather inferior devices usually contain just two metal oxide varistors from the RS232 data lines to ground. In the event of a high voltage, the cheap protectors divert the surge current through the ground of the computer (without limiting it) and even then they do not isolate the source of the surge from the computer RS232 data lines.

In Contrast AntSpik1 protects all the PC RS232 lines and limits the current surge through fusible metfilm series resistors. Should the surge be too great, the metfilm resistors blow open circuit, protecting the equipment. The current flowing into the computer ground is limited. Any surge voltages are clamped very quickly using SCR clamp devices. AntSpik1 is probably the best surge protection you can buy that can be placed in-line with the equipment in a standard DB25 enclosure.

LiteKey1: Light coded key

--AirBorn Electronics--
  • Pulse Code Modulated Green light key
  • Key number in EEPROM
  • Miniature keyfob case
  • Field programmable
  • 3v Battery operation

The Light key has the advantage that an IR learning remote cannot be used (in unmodified form) to steal the pass number of a borrowed key and thus gain unauthorised access.

LiteKey1: Circuit Diagram

RomEm2: Rom Emulator unit, 1 Megabit

  • Emulates 27C256 to 27C010 type EPROMs
  • Fast parallel download from PC
  • Auto target reset
  • Plugpack/target powered
  • Addressable-Gangable

SPD1: Single pump fuel access control unit

    --AirBorn Electronics--
  • Large digit LCD and keyboard
  • RF key reader
  • CPU Based on 89C51 and 8/32kb EEPROM
  • separate Power Supply PCB with robust interface circuits

BatChg1: Battery pack conditioner-charger

  • Charges and Discharges to Battery spec - 24V 20 Cell packs
  • Dual unit - Charges/Discharges 2 packs at once
  • Standard 240VAC plug & 24VDC mobile version
  • Discharge switch for battery conditioning

Watcher1: Serial COMs display

  • AT89C2051 FLASH CPU based serial COMs monitor
  • Miniature, attaches to LCD display
  • DB9 Serial - PC compatible
  • Option dipswitch/ Attn Switch
  • Plug pack powered

232Mon1: RS232 Monitor/Talkover

    --AirBorn Electronics--
  • Monitors both sides half duplex COMs with 1 port
  • Passively powered
  • Talkover switch
  • Loads lines only slightly
  • 2 Test, 2 PC DB25's

NoisInj1: Serial Noise Injector

  • Injects wideband serial test noise at a button push
  • DB25 connectors
  • Miniature, In-line
  • RS232 powered
  • Gold plated connectors

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