Current loop tester

  • 0-10V input (Or Pot) sets test current 0-20ma

  • High range exceeds 20ma, unit runs from 27.2V psu

  • Relay outputs fed to production equipment

Current loop tester
Danfoss (Now public domain)
Danfoss (Now public domain)
Project (Short name: clooptst)
Current loop tester
Project Status
Design work Complete
PCB Number
Version Date
14 Jan 2003

Circuit Diagram

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Circuit diagram

Bill of materials

Parts list and notes

Current loop tester Bill Of Materials

PCB design

PCB size H WH x W
Diameter of holes: 3.5mm

PCB overlay image

Gerber files

The PCB manufacturing files

Current loop tester Gerber files
Current loop tester photo b

Documentation package

Current loop tester Documentation (PDF)
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