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EFT-POS terminal PCB, 1997

At the heart of any Technology product built today lies a circuit board. AirBorn Electronics designs those circuit boards, to bring your new product to life.

AirBorn Electronics design microcontroller circuitry and firmware for specialist manufacturers - from Air conditioning to Weighscales.

AirBorn provide the circuits, parts lists, PCB diagrams and source code as an online PCB webpage password protected for each client, with the webpage changing and developing as the project progresses. The webpage forms a pivotal focus for the job, as we communicate options and ideas by email or phone, both client and the AirBorn people can refer to real diagrams reflecting the current state of the circuit and PCB. There are several very good western custom electronics design companies, and a very few that look local, but are outsourcing agents but only AirBorn currently offers the project-online feaure as the project develops. The best reason to have AirBorn design your electronics is because you need good, reliable work - but we hope our project-online service helps make it all easier.

If the project is simple, a Fixed price quote is Available. More complex projects will have a budgeted research stage, results of which will determine a fixed price plan for the majority of the work, then time and materials for remainder. An example quote.
Typical simple embedded microprocessor products take, very roughly, 8-16 weeks from specification to finished prototypes. Complicated firmware will take longer. Debugging and then trialling the prototypes starts after this.
An electronic design goes through a debugging stage - this is the main reason for building prototypes - during which any problems are fixed. AirBorn Electronics aims to deliver prototypes of a high enough standard that they are useable as production samples. How come dumb stuff seems so smart while you're doing it? -- Dennis the Menace
AirBorn Electronics runs projects in parallel. Availability is not exclusive - the project work can start work when you are ready.
AirBorn Electronics projects transfer ownership of the PCB design and firmware to the customer upon final payment. With manufacture-only projects, the Intellectual Property remains with AirBorn Electronics.
We DO reuse building blocks from our code and circuitry - but we do not copy our clients designs. Any work you give us is confidential. Any information you give us is your property. We prefer fair NDAs that cover documents specifically marked "confidential", and terminate at the end of the project with the option of customer asking for return of the documents. Anti-competitive protection can and should be achieved through copyright, registered design, patent and trademark. AirBorn Electronics can assist, if required, in design security by using copy resistant microcontrollers.

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