PG8951 Programmer

  • The PG8951 programs Atmel 89C51 & 89C52 CPUs

  • Driven by plain intel hex file sent through serial port at 9600,N,8,2 - so works on any operating system

  • Dip switch selects operation - can write security bits if required

PG8951 Programmer
AirBorn Electronics
AirBorn Electronics
Project (Short name: pg8951_1)
PG8951 Programmer
Project Status
Released to Production
PCB Number
Version Date
7 Oct 1996

Circuit Diagram

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Circuit diagram

Bill of materials

Parts list and notes

PG8951 Programmer Bill Of Materials

PCB design

PCB size H WH x W
2476 sizes >=0.71mm

PCB overlay image
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Gerber files

The PCB manufacturing files

PG8951 Programmer Gerber files

Final board

PG8951 Programmer Photo
PG8951 Programmer photo b

Full 89C51 programmer datasheet


Documentation package

PG8951 Programmer Documentation (PDF)
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