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Please take note Our AT89C2051 and AT89C51 programmers date from the 1990's - they are very straightforward, work perfectly well under linux or windows, and we still sell replacements. To help our previous customers we offer full technical info

Erase, Program and verify an AT89C2051 in one easy operation!

Programs in just 6 seconds!
[Graphic: 89C2051]
[Picture:  PG2051 Programmer]

PG2051 - A Programmer for the Atmel AT89C2051, from AirBorn Electronics

The AT89C2051 is a 20 pin 8051 compatible microprocessor (including serial port) with 2k of FLASH memory, available from Atmel (see The PG2051 erases, programs, and verifies AT89C2051 chips in 6 seconds. As the AT89C2051 devices are FLASH, they can be reprogrammed as often as needed.

The PG2051 is driven by sending it a (standard) Intel hex file through its serial port. This means it can be driven by any operating system - all that is necessary is that the host has a serial port to send the data to the programmer (at 9600 baud) - the programmer will do the rest.

The programmer features a test switch which allows the owner to check if an AT89C2051 is blank, working, programmed or failed in just one second - without needing the PC connected.


  • Programs the 2k FLASH memory in 89C2051's
    • Can be reprogrammed 1000 times per chip
    • Fast - programs a chip in 6 seconds (typ.)
    [Graphic: 89C2051]
  • 89C2051 is 8051 Instruction and Reg compatible
  • Programmer interface is PC serial compatible
    • 9600 Baud, 8 data, 2 stop bits, no parity
  • Accepts standard Intel Hex files
  • Programs Security bits, if required
    • Dipswitch selectable
  • One Step program operation
    • Download starts Test/Erase/Program/Verify
  • Stand-alone test switch
    • Allows 89C2051 test without PC download
    • Tests for blank chip without PC download
  • Programmer also handles AT89C1051's
  • Powered by DC plug pack (supplied)
  • Evaluation Kit includes two sample 89C2051 devices


The PG2051 is a development programmer for the ATMEL AT89C2051. The AT89C2051 programmer is fast, small and simple to use.

The programmer may be connected to a PC or other host by a serial cable. The data to be downloaded to the programmer is transmitted in Intel Hex format. The programmer will erase & program, verify, write protect and security protect as it receives the file, according to the settings on its Dip switches.

In normal use device programming consists of:
Insert an 89C2051- (Manual Test if desired)Mode COM1:9600,N,8,2
Download intel hex file - (Causes programming)Copy Myfile.hex COM1
Watch LEDs - (Indicates success)

The PG2051 can be used stand-alone by inserting an 89C2051 and operating the Manual test switch, in this mode it indicates Tested, Blank and Verified checksum conditions.


PG2051 Evaluation kit - programmer and prototype PCB
The PG2051 evaluation kit, with prototype board [Click here for schematic]
  • The PG2051 programmer
  • Power supply plugpack
  • PG2051 data sheet and reference card
  • Two AT89C2051 FLASH memory CPU devices
  • A small prototype board with LEDs, to test with
  • A well documented sample .ASM program
  • A shareware assembler & dis-assembler

89C2051 CPU

The AirBorn Electronics programmer described here connects to a Serial port, works under any operating system, and programs in 6 seconds by just copying the hex file to the COM port.
There is also a programmer design available from Atmel that you can build yourself - although it does not share these features.

Download the free programmer here, - but remember to get the software from Atmel, also.

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