Bill of Materials for Simple Switch board

CN11 Switches IDC10HDR PFVM-10V P5010 PP1100 839-5918 OR896-ND th Bot Oupiin:3012-10G00SB Fit CN11 and SW1-SW4 to use as vanilla 4-switches-to-ground
CN12 Kbd TBLK3.5/3 ATJ3-J3Y P2029 388-2640 MOU:651-1984620 th Dinkle:ED350V-03P Omit CN11 and use CN12 for analog voltage keyboard
L11 L12 KA-3528SEC 3528LED 2 ea X8NE-33L 853-0270 754-1536-1-ND sm Kingbright:KA3528SESK Surface mount LEDs
PCB LAM# AB1006263 PCLAMINATE Gerbers NS Order PCBs from AirBorn
R91 470R 1% AXIAL10 MF25-471 R0550 ER0564 946-8463 MOU:660-MF1/4DC4700F th Koa:MF1/4DC4700F
R92 820R 1% AXIAL10 MF25-821 R0556 ER0570 947-0247 MOU:660-MF1/4DC8200F th Koa:MF1/4DC8200F
R93 1.6k 1% AXIAL10 MF25-162 R0563 ER0577 946-5383 MOU:660-MF1/4DC1601F th Koa:MF1/4DC1601F
R94 4.7k 1% AXIAL10 MF25-472 R0574 ER0588 946-8692 MOU:660-MF1/4DC4701F th Koa:MF1/4DC4701F
R95 R96 470R AXIAL10 2 ea CR25-471 R0042 947-6873 470QBK-ND th Yageo:CFR-25JB-470R Sets LED current
SC1 SC2 SCREWPOZI3 2 ea LOPZ-U3Z H3126A HP0404 142-0017 H743-ND NS B_F_Fastener:MPMS_003_0008_PH Mounting screws for PCB
SW1 SW2 SW3 SW4 TACT12MM 4 ea UZ28-04Z S1126 SP0609 176-434 th Omron:B3F-4000 Tactile keyswitches
T7 Key TP No part TP Analog key voltage testpoint
T8 LED TP No part TP LED signal testpoint
T9 0V TP No part TP Ground testpoint

-CUS Customer supplied
-OPT Part MAY be left off PCB!
-SKT Part needs socket!
-PGM Needs programming!
-PB Part is NOT ROHS
-?/-ERR PN is Not correct
-NOTE Find & Read Part note!

Version Date: 16 Jun 2010
PCB number: AB1006263
PCB size: 27.9mm x 57.2mm, 1.100in x 2.250in, HxW = 1597sq mm, 2.47sq in

Distributor part numbers are quoted for contingency and comparison and do not constitute a recommendation or requirement: Purchase of an identical, same manufacturer part from a more cost effective distributor is encouraged. Substitution of parts from a different manufacturer requires engineering approval. In addition, substitution of a different part from the same manufacturer requires engineering approval.

Part numbers may be subject to change. Distributors part numbers are sometimes for economical buy quantities such as 1000pcs. It is the readers responsibility to check pack buy quantities, and minimum order quantities.

Mounting types:
[sm] Part is surface mount
[th] Part is thru-hole
[TP] Part is a test point
[NS] Part is not soldered

Part numbers were originally entered by hand. Verify parts before ordering.

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