Bill of Materials for Triple reed switch board

A1 (C)2009 AIRBORN No part No equiv available NS
L1 Red LED5MM RED LBB5-RED 160-1705-ND th LiteOn:LTL-307E
L2 Orange LED5MM ORN LBB5-ORN 511-1260-ND th Rohm:HLMP-D401
PCBLAM1 AB0906462 PCLAMINATE Gerbers No equiv available NS Order PCBs from AirBorn
S1 S2 S3 REEDSW REED/30/2 3 ea BQYW-44S HE500-ND th Meder:ORD324-1520 NO reed switch
T1 BROWN TP No part No equiv available TP
T2 RED TP No part No equiv available TP
T3 ORANGE TP No part No equiv available TP
T4 PINK TP No part No equiv available TP
T5 GREEN TP No part No equiv available TP

-CUS Customer supplied
-OPT Part MAY be left off PCB!
-SKT Part needs socket!
-PGM Needs programming!
-PB Part is NOT ROHS
-?/-ERR PN is Not correct
-NOTE Find & Read Part note!
Version Date: 11 Jun 2009
PCB number: AB0906462
PCB size: 18.4mm x 45.7mm, 0.725in x 1.800in, HxW = 842sq mm, 1.30sq in

Distributor part numbers are quoted for contingency and comparison and do not constitute a recommendation or requirement: Purchase of an identical, same manufacturer part from a more cost effective distributor is encouraged. Substitution of parts from a different manufacturer requires engineering approval. In addition, substitution of a different part from the same manufacturer requires engineering approval.

Part numbers may be subject to change. Each line of this BOM represents one part. Identical parts are listed, whereever possible, on consecutive lines.
Distributors part numbers are sometimes for economical buy quantities such as 1000pcs. It is the readers responsibility to check pack buy quantities, and minimum order quantities.

Mounting types:
[sm] Part is surface mount
[th] Part is thru-hole
[TP] Part is a test point
[NS] Part is not soldered

Part numbers were originally entered by hand. Verify parts before ordering.

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