Bill of Materials for Nursecall overdoor indicator light

A2 (C)2008 AIRBORN No part NS Bot Please do not duplicate this BOM
C1 220nf 50V 0805 CM08-224 CUS 587-1306-1-ND sm Taiyo:UMK212F224ZD-T Monolithic ceramic
C2 100nf 0805 CM08-104 311-1361-1-ND sm Yageo:CC0805ZRY5V9BB104 Monolithic ceramic
CN1 WiringBlk TBLK5.1/6V GIIH-C6V +MATE 277-1154-ND th Dinkle:2EHDVC-06P
CN2 ProgHdr SIP5HDR NU49-L5V +MATE WM4114-ND th Oupiin:4071-5TS Programming header
D2 SMBJ12A SMB O629-6JF SMBJ12ABCT-ND sm Fairchild:SMBJ12A 12V 600W transorb
D3 BZX284C3V6 0805 DIODE IE9K-8UJ MOU:771-BZX384-C3V6115 sm NXP:BZX384-C3V6 3.6V zener
D4 D5 D6 D7 BAV99 SOT23DIODE 4 ea OSQE-QPY sm 568-5005-1-ND NXP:BAV99
D8 D9 D10 D11 BZX284C6V8 0805 DIODE 4 ea XT3P-45E CUS BZX384-C6V8-ND sm NXP:BZX384-C6V8 6.8V zener
I1 FERRBEAD D39A-VGX P9820BK-ND th Pana:EXC-ELSA35 Ferrite bead on plain TC wire
IC1 P89LPC932 TSSOP28 HVP9-3CI PGM sm 568-1286-5-ND MOU:771-P89LPC932A1FDH NXP:P89LPC932A1FDH
IC2 LM317L-SMD SO8 C9Y0-RPC 296-17220-6-ND sm ST:LM317LD
J1 Retro SIP3 FROJ-03V +MATE 609-3465-ND th FCI:68000-236HLF Select Standard or Retro Overdoor light
L1 L2 L3 L4 RED LED5MM RED 4 ea LBC3-RED 754-1254-ND th Kingbright:WP7104SRC/E LEDs mount on solderside; L-7113 SRD-H (Diffuse) mount normally; Kingbright L-7113 SEC-H waterclear mount LEDs at a 30 degree off-vertical tilt
L5 L6 L7 L8 ORANGE LED5MM ORN 4 ea LBC3-ORN 754-1250-ND th Kingbright:WP7104SEC LEDs mount on solderside; Kingbright L-7113 SEC waterclear mount LEDs at a 30 degree off-vertical tilt
L9 L12 L13 L16 GREEN LED5MM GRN 4 ea LBC3-GRN 754-1259-ND th Kingbright:WP7104VGC/A LEDs mount on solderside; L-53VGD (Diffuse) mount normally; Kingbright L-7113 VGC-H waterclear mount LEDs at a 30 degree off-vertical tilt
NOSUB1 R6-R13 NOSUB/NOTE No part NS Note specifies that R6-R13 are to be type MMA0204
NOSUB2 R1 NFR NOSUB/NOTE No part NS Note specifies that R1 is a fusible resistor
PCB LAM# AB0810405 PCLAMINATE Gerbers NS Order PCBs from AirBorn
Q1 Q2 Q3 Q7 Q8 Q9 FMMT491A SOT-23 6 ea IZJ3-BGS LS FMMT491ACT-ND sm DiodesInc:FMMT491ATA 1A NPN
Q4 Q5 Q6 BC847B SOT-23 3 ea QB8L-8LV 568-1633-2-ND sm NXP:BC847B 0.1A NPN general purpose
R1 10R NFR AXIAL10 NF25-100 PPC10ATR-ND th Vishay:NFR2500001009JR500 Fusible resistor - opens under overload to protect other circuitry
R2 R30 3.3k 0805 2 ea RC11-332 CUS 311-3.3KARCT-ND sm Yageo:RC0805JR-073K3L
R3 R4 470R 0805 2 ea RC11-471 CUS 311-470ARCT-ND sm Yageo:RC0805JR-07470RL
R5 680R 0805 RC11-681 CUS 311-680ARCT-ND sm Yageo:RC0805JR-07680RL
R6 R7 R8 R9 R31 1.2k 1206 5 ea H4QN-VVF MMA-1.2KACT-ND sm Vishay:MMA02040C1201FB300
R10 R11 R12 R13 56k 1206 4 ea KPGJ-1DV MMA-68.0KACT-ND sm Vishay:MMA02040C5602FB300
R14 R15 R21 R22 R23 2.2k 0805 5 ea RC11-222 CUS 311-2.2KARCT-ND sm Yageo:RC0805JR-072K2L
R16 R17 2.2k 1206/4 2 ea R241-222 YC164J-2.2KTR-ND sm Yageo:YC164-JR-072K2L 4 isolated resistors
R18 R19 R28 R29 22R 0805 4 ea RC11-220 CUS 311-22ARCT-ND sm Yageo:RC0805JR-0722RL
R20 10R 0805 RC11-100 P10ATR-ND sm Pana:ERJ-6GEYJ100V
R24 R25 R26 R27 22k 0805 4 ea RC11-223 CUS 311-22KARCT-ND sm Yageo:RC0805JR-0722KL
S1 Test TACT6MM W905-04M P8008S-ND th Omron:B3F-1000 Test switch allows easy testing - unit chases through colours
SC1 SC2 SC3 SC4 SCREWPOZI3 SCREWPOZI3 4 ea No part NS Dividers now mount with hotmelt glue rather than screws

-CUS Customer supplied
-OPT Part MAY be left off PCB!
-SKT Part needs socket!
-PGM Needs programming!
-PB Part is NOT ROHS
-?/-ERR PN is Not correct
-NOTE Find & Read Part note!
Version Date: 12 Oct 2008
PCB number: AB0810405
PCB size: 84.5mm x 58.4mm, 3.325in x 2.300in, HxW = 4934sq mm, 7.65sq in

Distributor part numbers are quoted for contingency and comparison and do not constitute a recommendation or requirement: Purchase of an identical, same manufacturer part from a more cost effective distributor is encouraged. Substitution of parts from a different manufacturer requires engineering approval. In addition, substitution of a different part from the same manufacturer requires engineering approval.

Part numbers may be subject to change. Distributors part numbers are sometimes for economical buy quantities such as 1000pcs. It is the readers responsibility to check pack buy quantities, and minimum order quantities.

Mounting types:
[sm] Part is surface mount
[th] Part is thru-hole
[TP] Part is a test point
[NS] Part is not soldered

Part numbers were originally entered by hand. Verify parts before ordering.

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