Bill of Materials for 89C2051 evaluation kit board

A1 (C)1996 AIRBORN No part NS Please do not duplicate this BOM
C1 2.2uf50vMM RPOL1.5/4 EL20-225 P5564-ND th Pana:ECA-1HHG2R2 Electrolytic
CN1 DB9 D9SKTEDG S9GF-JJV 209FE-ND EC Oupiin:7907-09FTBC00
D1 5.6v 0.3w DIODE7.5 Z400-5V6 th
IC1 AT89C2051 DIP20 AU8C-GPG PGM AT89C2051-24PU-ND MOU:556-A89C2051-24PU th Atmel:AT89C2051-24PU
L1 L5 Red3mm LED3 2 ea LBC3-RED 754-1254-ND th Kingbright:WP7104SRC/E Optional
L2 L6 L7 Grn3mm LED3 3 ea LBC3-GRN 754-1259-ND th Kingbright:WP7104VGC/A Optional
L3 L4 L8 Yel3mm LED3 3 ea LBC3-YEL 754-1257-ND th Kingbright:WP7104SYC Optional
L9 Red LED3 LBC3-RED 754-1254-ND th Kingbright:WP7104SRC/E Fit this LED: p3.7
L10 Gn LED3 LBC3-GRN 754-1259-ND th Kingbright:WP7104VGC/A Fit this LED: P3.4
PCB LAM# AB9601947 PCLAMINATE Gerbers NS Order PCBs from AirBorn
R1 R5 R6 2.2k AXIAL0.3 3 ea CR12-222 2.2KEBK-ND th Yageo:CFR-12JB-2K2
R2 R4 1k AXIAL0.3 2 ea CF12-102 NS 1.0KEBK-ND th Yageo:CFR-12JB-1K0
R3 22k AXIAL7.5 MF12-223 P22.0KCACT-ND th Pana:ERO-S2PHF2202
SIP1 2.2k SIP9 SIP9-222 th 8 bussed resistors
SW1 TV-06A TACT6VER WAK6-04J P12208S-ND th Omron:B3F-1070 Tactile push switch at 90 degrees to PCB
SW2 S2020 SLIDE4/EDG B4MT-S7Q MOU:10SL001 EC Bot MountainSwitch:10SL001 0.5A 50V DPDT Slide with Aluminium shaft
T1 BAT+ TP Nopart:Testpoint TP
T2 BAT- TP Nopart:Testpoint TP
T3 P35 TP Nopart:Testpoint TP
T4 INT1 TP Nopart:Testpoint TP
TR1 BC547 TO-92A JBVH-L2L BC547BGOS-ND th OnSemi:BC547BZL1G 0.1A NPN general purpose
TR2 BC557 TO-92A JQUI-W6J BC557BRL1GOSCT-ND th Fairchild:BC557B 0.1A PNP general purpose
X1 VNeg SIP2 No Part th Open this link and attach negative supply if full RS232 out levels desired
XTAL1 11.0592Mhz HC49/4H JFJ8-SED 887-1011-ND th TXC:9B-11.0592MAAJ-B

-CUS Customer supplied
-OPT Part MAY be left off PCB!
-SKT Part needs socket!
-PGM Needs programming!
-PB Part is NOT ROHS
-?/-ERR PN is Not correct
-NOTE Find & Read Part note!
Version Date: 7 Jan 1996
PCB number: AB9601947
PCB size: 29.2mm x 53.3mm, 1.150in x 2.100in, HxW = 1558sq mm, 2.41sq in

Distributor part numbers are quoted for contingency and comparison and do not constitute a recommendation or requirement: Purchase of an identical, same manufacturer part from a more cost effective distributor is encouraged. Substitution of parts from a different manufacturer requires engineering approval. In addition, substitution of a different part from the same manufacturer requires engineering approval.

Part numbers may be subject to change. Distributors part numbers are sometimes for economical buy quantities such as 1000pcs. It is the readers responsibility to check pack buy quantities, and minimum order quantities.

Mounting types:
[sm] Part is surface mount
[th] Part is thru-hole
[TP] Part is a test point
[NS] Part is not soldered

Part numbers were originally entered by hand. Verify parts before ordering.

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Background Image Credit: NGC1952 Crab nebula in Xray and visible light: NASA/CXC/HST/ASU/J. Hester et al.